Carpathian vat

What does vat mean?

Vats of Mykulychyn are a special cast-iron bath filled with mineral water from the source and located outdoors. The temperature of the heating water is about 38-40 °C. The healing powers of the water with the Carpathian herbs steamed in it, which bring pleasure to the guests of the Klen hotel, are revealed at this temperature.

How is the water heated to the indicated 38-40 °C? The vat is heated from below by the fire formed during the burning of firewood and stands on supports.

Oops! You would say that you can cook there yourself. There are rocks at the bottom of the vat, so guests can’t burn themselves during the spa treatment. Capacity is up to 8 people.

How to use the vat?

The old witches cook people in a large container of hot water and laugh loudly. This is not a passage from a horror story! Frankly speaking, this is a nice procedure from the Klen Hotel. And its name is bathing in vats in Mykulychyn. Of course, no witches and seasoning you with sauce for better taste.

Bathing in the vat can be alternated with immersion in the pool or snow to achieve good health and cosmetic effect. When you feel that you have warmed up enough, go to the pool. After that – again in the vat. Or stay a little more to get incredible pleasure from a real hydromassage.

Why is it useful?

Bathing in a vat in Bukovel is a spa procedure that brings external and internal pleasure. And if it’s KlenSpa – 100 percent! Immersion in a vat is useful because:

  • Improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure;
  • Promotes renewal and improvement of the skin condition (in the liquid of the vat there are useful minerals that are absorbed through the skin inside the body during immersion);
  • Strengthens immunity and blood vessels (the best effect is achieved if you dive into the pool after a vat);
  • Muscle fatigue relieves.

And most importantly – bathing in a vat allows you to relax as much as possible. Look at the incomparable view of the Prut River, mountains and easily forget about all the troubles. Look at the starry sky…

Crystal and uncompromising cleanliness – first of all

Yes, we’re crazy! Every vat in Bukovel from KlenSpa shines clean, because after bathing it:

  • Washes;
  • Warms up;
  • Water comes down and gets clean.

Uncompromising purity is undoubtedly about us.

Rest in Ukrainian – how much does it cost to swim in vats in Mykulychyn?

Vats in KlenSpa are charged hourly for the comfort of guests. Which option will you choose?

  • Vat relaxation for 2 hours.
two people2000 UAH
four people2500 UAH
no more than 8 people3500 UAH
  • Double relaxation. Vat with Mykulychyn or Vat + Sauna pool for 2 hours.
two people2500 UAH
four people3000 UAH
no more than 8 people3600 UAH
  • Triple relaxation. Sauna with vat in Mykulychyn + Swimming pool with hydromassage for 2 hours.
two people3000 UAH
four people4000 UAH
no more than 8 people4800 UAH

There can also be a massage with a vat in Bukovel or vat in Tatariv. Visit KlenSpa. Feel the real Carpathian flavor and relaxation!


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