Away from the bustle of the city: Welcome to Workation in the Carpathians

What is workation?

Have you ever heard of freelance and remote work? If yes, then this is already a guarantee of success and understanding of the word “workation”.

Workation is a fairly new format of “work + vacation”. You change your usual office for an unusual location – a dusty and bustling city for, for example, the Carpathians with views of the mountains and the cleanest air. And while you continue to work! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The main “feature” of the work in the Carpathians

Workation in the Carpathians is not work on vacation (when we have been waiting for vacation for a whole year and carry a laptop with us, hoping to finish our tasks). As a result – no closed tasks, no good rest :))

Workation is, first of all, a symbiosis of work and rest. 50/50. You continue to complete work tasks and at the same time get new experiences. The main “feature” of the Carpathian workation is a solid positive side: an incredible view of the mountains, crystal air, no annoying colleagues and a stuffy office.

Who needs to go to workation? Who shouldn’t?

Not everyone can go to workation :))

The direction “work + rest” is not suitable for those who:

  • are tied to the office;
  • miss colleagues and do not work at home – or wear a suit, or set alarms for every task;
  • are tied to software – tasks cannot be performed without the presence of an employee at a specific workplace.

A specialist who must be in the office at 9:00 and perform tasks on special hardware … Or a doctor who sees patients from 9:00 to 18:00 at the clinic …People of these professions can either be at work or on vacation.

The direction “work + rest” is suitable for those who:

  • can easily adapt to working online;
  • set their own schedule;
  • already work in a remote format.

Statistics show that about 90% of the work is easy to transfer online. Although there are still offline businesses – where the presence of an employee is critically important!

How to organize a Carpathian workation?

KLEN has organized everything for you! Surrounded by the Carpathian mountains and mesmerizing places, a person is inclined to work more productively. Stress is incompatible with the word workation (you don’t have to book a house, worry about internet speed, or think about where to spend the evening after a day at work).

Already 100% packed Carpathian workation is within:

  • 8 hours driving from Kiev;
  • or 3 hours from Lviv;
  • or 10 minutes from the Yaremche railway station.

What is Workation at KLEN?

  1. fast internet,
  2. rooms equipped to carry out tasks efficiently,
  3. spa – with a sauna, Carpathian vats and a heated pool,
  4. rooms for group communication (if you plan to go to Klen in a large company),
  5. a restaurant. Yes, do not forget to try breakfast, lunch and dinner on the ground floor of the hotel. In a cozy atmosphere, overlooking the mountains, tasting Hutsul cuisine – mmm … so you can forget about work :))

Before you can blink – in the KLEN workation atmosphere, tasks close themselves! And then – voila, and you are already relaxing in the Carpathian vat, admiring the incomparable mountains and the Prut River.

Go! Coming to the workation with friends is not a bad idea either (we have enough room for everyone + there are spa packages for companies and other interesting leisure activities). See you soon!

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