What is special about the swimming pool in Mykulychyn?й бассейн в Микуличине?

Visiting the hotel Klen, guests have at least three reasons to try the novelty of 2023 – spa pool in the Carpathians:

  • There is warm because of heating water. An opportunity to enjoy swimming and relaxing time at the heated pool in Bukovel in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  • What a happiness it is to plunge into a warm pool and enjoy the real hydromassage.
  • This is helpful. The Jets’ function for swimming against a current allows training fully in swims on any distances all year round.

Here is a combination of useful with pleasant things. Moreover, our pool is located on the banks of the river. Drink herbal tea, taste goodies, inhale crystal air, and enjoy the views from which are breathtaking. A gorgeous photo zone, where you can make the most beautiful photos for Instagram or just for memory is a bonus for you.

Mykulychyn Pool – how much is the pleasure?

Our pool is used for each family or company separately and is charged hourly for the comfort of guests.

Especially for you, we have developed comfortable sets of services with a swimming pool in Mykulychyn:

  • The set “Minimal, is it enough?” Sauna + pool for 2 hours.
two people2000 UAH
four people2500 UAH
no more than 8 people4000 UAH
  • The set “Balance in everything”. Vat in Mykulychyn + swimming pool for 2 hours.
two people2500 UAH
four people3000 UAH
no more than 8 people3600 UAH
  • The set “Maximum, or take everything from life”. Sauna + vat + swimming pool for 2 hours.
two people3000 UAH
four people4000 UAH
no more than 8 people4800 UAH

Choose a comfortable option for yourself.

The most common questions about the warm pool in Mykulychyn

Let me be honest and answer three popular questions.

1. Is the pool really warm?
– Don’t even doubt it! In winter, the water temperature in the heated pool in Bukovel is 30 °C, so swimming is a pleasure. It doesn’t matter what you choose: exotic bathing in winter or summer outdoors, Klen is cozy at any time of the year. Gentle snow around, leaves of incredible colors, or gentle sun… And you are in the spa pool in the Carpathians with family, friends, colleagues, or a soul mate. It’s fabulous to say here!

2. Does it work throughout the year?
– Yes. The warm pool in Mykulychyn is always available to guests.

3. Is it possible to go there with the baby?
– Of course! And with a great loving family too. The length of the pool allows you to swim comfortably with the whole family, and at the same time enjoy the charming views.

Just imagine how wonderful it is to admire the Carpathian landscapes in a warm pool in Mykulychyn. Light breeze, water, and sun caress hair, face, and body. Imagine? It’s time to make sure! We are waiting at Klen.


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