The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the hotel. Its interior creates the atmosphere of cosiness and home comfort. It has big panoramic windows with overlooking the mountains. The restaurant is designed for 40 people.

The menu of “KLEN food & wine” is based on natural local products from Prykarpattya households. We believe that gastronomy starts from the product. By placing an order you’re tributingto development of gutzul cuisine and help cultivating local farming!

Here you can taste bograch, freshwater trout, soup with dried mushrooms, Hutsul cheese and meat products, prepared according to traditional recipes. In summer we offer you meals with mushrooms and berries, fresh spices and vegetables. For breakfast our guests may choose hot meals from the list of high-calorie to diet ones and any hot drink or juice.

The cost of breakfast – 90 UAH. The average bill for lunch or dinner – 130-260 UAH.


  • 1 guest
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  • 3 гостя
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  • 5 and more guests


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Ivano-Frankivsk region
Grushevskogo st., 79f