The one that is known throughout the world, came to us from Scandinavia about 2000 years ago, is part of the culture of many peoples… Yes, it’s a Finnish sauna! A good way to improve your health, restore physical and spiritual energy.

And now it is available in KlenSpa. Sauna in Mykulychyn is waiting for you in a separate house on the banks of the river, so there is no need to go to the edge of the Earth.

Three main features of the Finnish sauna

It is better to try once than to hear 100 times. However, let us tell you a little bit about it. Features of the sauna in Mykulychyn are there:

  1. Dry steam (for example, in the Russian bath it is wet).
  2. High temperature – from 70 °C, as well as low humidity – about 10-15%.
  3. Birch broom is rarely used.

The stones lie on the stove (not inside), the fire heats them, they store heat and give it away is the principle of sauna work. Since the sauna has high temperature and low humidity, the human body warms up quickly. That is why the first time should not overcome 10 minutes, each following – a maximum of 15 minutes. Important thing: if you feel dizzy or accelerating your heartbeat during the first, second, or next entrance to the sauna, go out immediately and bed down in the KlenSpa relaxation room.

Why is the Finnish sauna useful?

The Finnish sauna is not just a tribute to tradition. This is a completely natural and effective way of recovery. Namely on:

  • normalization of sleep, blood pressure, and water-salt balance in the human body;
  • speedup metabolism;
  • skin cleansing – due to active sweating during the procedure, pores are uncovered and excess water, the toxin is excreted;
  • improve appetite and mood.

To be honest, the positive effects on the body of visiting the sauna are cleansing the body and skin of harmful substances, relaxing and rejuvenating effect, strengthening immunity. As a bonus – getting rid of extra pounds!

More than just a Finnish sauna

We have created not just a classic Finnish sauna in the SPA hotel Mykulychyn. This is a place for maximum, true healing and relaxation:

  1. The KlenSpa sauna is located in a separate house on the banks of the river. Silence, tranquillity, beautiful view of natural treasures – Hasn’t it been something you dreamed about?!
  2. There is a lounge room for everybody who would like to breathe a little after a portion of wellness treatments, or would like to be alone a bit or drink fragrant tea.
  3. And also – a swimming pool with jacuzzi, Carpathian vat, massage. Just imagine what a pleasure it is to steam in the sauna, and then admire the stars in the jacuzzi… From one thought breathtaking. The swimming pool and jacuzzi, after visiting the sauna, enhance the relaxation effect and additionally massage the body. If this is not enough, then trust the professionals of the KlenSpa massage room. Pleasure is guaranteed to every cell of your body.

Klen is not just a hotel with a swimming pool in Mykulychyn with a vat and a Finnish sauna. This is a place where you can try the goodies of Carpathian cuisine. The creators of our Carpathian restaurant are already waiting for you.

How much does it cost to steam in a sauna in Mykulychyn?

We care about the comfort of every guest of KlenSpa. That is why the sauna in the SPA hotel in Mykulychyn is charged every 2 hours.

two people800 UAH
four people1200 UAH
no more than 8 people2000 UAH

Don’t you get enough? Would you like to try another pleasures spa hotel in Mykulychyn? Welcome here.


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