Чому саме KlenSpa?

Spa holidays in the Carpathians every year are becoming increasingly popular among both Ukrainians and foreign tourists. The Finnish sauna attracts the greatest attention of visitors, of course. The ratio of high temperature and low humidity has an optimal health effect on the human body. Relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and work of the cardiovascular system, positive effect on the skin condition, promotion of weight loss – all this is still an incomplete list of its beneficial effects!

The Finnish sauna in KlenSpa is located in a separate house on the territory of the family hotel, on the banks of the Prut River. The spacious terraces of the house built according to the author’s architectural project, allow you to relax in the open air and fully enjoy the views of the Carpathians and the river after pleasant procedures. The sauna can accommodate six people and is open from 08.00 to 24.00. The cost of two hours of stay in the sauna is 1000-1200 UAH.

Vats in KlenSpa

One of the biggest attracts of the spa in Mykulychyn is swimming in vats. And now – ATTENTION! The feature of our vats and what we are radically different is absolute cleanliness and CLEANLINESS! Clean water is collected for each order, and the vat is washed with environmental means and heated on the fire, which allows you to guarantee absolute cleanliness and safety. Come two hours before your order and make sure! While your vat is prepared, you can have an easy snack in our restaurant and have a cup of tea.

And then, just imagine swimming in a hot vat with a view of the wild Prut River and the snow-covered peaks of the Carpathian Mountains. Your enjoyment will have no limits, but you can’t say about the benefits:

  • Caring for the skin, which will give it incredible elasticity; Soothing effect on the whole body;
  • Relieving inflammation and muscle pain;
  • Immunity improvement;
  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Improving the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Two hours of bathing in vats for six people cost from 1600 to 2000 UAH. Our employees will take care of your health and safety as best as possible, and you just have to enjoy the rest and unique beauty of nature around.

Additional advantages of the SPA-complex

The family-run Klen Hotel in Mykulychyn offers its visitors to enjoy unique mountain views from designer wooden houses, cottages, and chalets on the banks of the Prut River. Outdoor terrace, recreation area, and most importantly – a favorable location near the best ski resort in Ukraine “Bukovel” – all this creates an unforgettable atmosphere at any time of the year.

Plenty of steamed in the sauna and bathed in a vat? It’s time to have a snack and recharge your supply of strength and energy. Hotel with spa in the Carpathians Klen will delight you with real Ukrainian delicacies.

Authentic local cuisine in our restaurant is the best continuation of your holiday. Your taste buds will be delighted with river trout, Carpathian bograch, seasonal berries, and white mushrooms. Do you need dietary nutrition? Upon request, the chef will prepare dietary meals specifically for you.

Why not take care of an unforgettable spa holiday in the Carpathians in 2023? Keep track of seasonal discounts and promotions, especially on May holidays or in the velvet season. Rest in the Carpathians can be not only pleasant but also profitable.

Plunge into the world of pleasure with KlenSpa!


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