What about sabbatical in the Carpathian?

Some facts about sabbatical

Sabbatical is longer than a typical vacation. It can last from two weeks to one year. For people on the verge of emotional burnout. For artists in the process of writing a book or painting. For doing important creative work that requires maximum concentration.

The first condition of a successful sabbatical is a change of usual scenery

KLEN, Mykulychyn is the perfect place to forget about the daily routine. The maid cleans the rooms on a regular basis. You can also order a meal to your room. As a result, there is plenty of time to spend alone with your thoughts. For example, Ukrainian poet, prose writer, translator and essayist, Yuriy Andrukhovych, comes to KLEN very often to write.

The second condition is solitude and digital detox

The best time for sabbatical is autumn and spring. In other words, “out of season”. We guarantee privacy in the Carpathians. Moreover, creative people on a vacation lasting from 2 weeks will get a nice bonus, such as 20 % discount. You will be inspired by the aesthetics of the Carpathian landscapes and the river flowing through the hotel territory.

The third condition is the rest of the soul and body

Our hotel in the Carpathian Mountains has a SPA: sauna, massage, warm outdoor pool and a vat. Steaming the body in hot mineral water in a vat relieves stress, insomnia and fatigue. Removes toxins from the body. The unique view fascinates and inspires.

After the sabbatical, people don’t just work with the renewed energy. They create their most successful projects. Create where nature creates. In the KLEN, Mykulychyn.

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