Active summer at hotel KLEN

Why is it pleasant to visit KLEN in summer?
Having rest outdoors has many advantages. It is important to spend summer vacation with benefits for health.

Which of us working exhaustingly everyday does not dream of an unforgettable summer vacation in a cozy corner of nature where mountain air saturates the body with health and where home atmosphere brings peace and comfort, makes you cast aside worries, inspires to live? Hotel KLEN is the perfect place to spend summer vacation with maximum benefit for you.

Summer heat is so tedious, it deprives your power, affects your mood. There in KLEN Hotel such excessive feelings will disappear with the first breeze that will sweep you and give mountain freshness and strength of the mighty flowing river. On the banks of this river in ecological area a person, tired from city noise, exhaust, roar of cars, gray monotony of asphalt, feel himslf/herself a part of living nature. Summer holidays in KLEN Hotel will be a real treat for your body. It’s time to forget about the fast, tasteless and junk food full of chemical additives, eat organic food: berries, mushrooms, dairy products, rich in vitamins and in Carpathian live energy! Local diverse and delicious cuisine will not leave Ukrainian visitors or foreign visitors indifferent.

Everyone wants to relax in comfort and with excellent service. This scenario is real at KLEN Hotel. Visitors will be delighted by reasonable price and close location, because there is no need to spend extra money, valuable time and nerves for long-term removals, numerous documents and visas for traveling abroad.

During summer vacation there are many attractions, you will enjoy hiking, cycling and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding. Unlike the rest “wet areas”, here you will appreciate the complete absence of mosquitoes.

Have a healthy summer!

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