Warm riverfront pool at the KLEN, Mykulychyn

Take a rest in the Carpathians with a pool

You’ll probably agree that SPA pool hotel is always better than the one without. Indeed it is additional entertainment and a way to relax. We are convinced that relaxing in a warm pool is even more pleasant at other times of the year than in summer. Especially if the pool is located in the bosom of nature. Carpathian nature. This is also a great place for photo shoots. Especially in winter. It looks very impressive.

Exclusive features of the outdoor pool at the KLEN, Mykulychyn

The usual pool, even outdoor, and even warm, is no surprise anyone. That’s why we offer a novelty – relaxation in the pool, equipped with the function of Adjustable River Swim Systems. This is a pool with 5 large jets of water arranged horizontally on one line. They provide a constant flow of water across the width of the pool, the power of which is regulated. Swimming over water is comfortable. There are three places for hydromassage.

We invite you to relax in a pool in the mountains all the year round

  1. The pool is open throughout the year without breaks.
  2. The water in the pool is always warm.
  3. The location of the pool is the banks of a mountain river. This is a double pleasure: imitation of running water in the pool and a breathtaking view of the river.
  4. Visiting the pool will be available from the end of November 2020.

The KLEN, Mykulychyn harmoniously intertwines the forces of nature and modern technology. We invite you to enjoy the gifts of nature in comfort due to exclusive technical developments. Rest in a spa hotel in the Carpathians – is appropriate at any time of year. Landscapes, fresh air, sauna, vat with mountain views, massage, warm outdoor pool with Adjustable River Swim Systems function on the banks of a mountain river. All this pleasure is waiting for you at the KLEN, Mykulychyn.

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