Newly found family estate

Mykulychyn is a village famous for its deep history. It is full of events, rained by varieties of human fates, sometimes striking and tragic. Our Canadian guests, who’s roots were left in Ukraine many years ago, Marek and his aunt Maria Rozkowski have shared the history that led them to Ukrainian Carpathians.

Touching story of our guests from Canada have impressed the inhabitants of Mykulychin. After Rozkowski family left KLEN hotel, conversations about this unusual case are not calming down.

As Maria told us, in 1939 her family that lived in Mykulychyn became subject of repression by Soviets, who had captured this part of Ukraine by that time. Only women and two little children have been left alive and deported to Kazahstan: three-year Maria and ten year Halyna. Their mother and grandmother haven’t survived the femine in deportation. Their fate was to finally find themselves in Canada and the dream of their lives was to step on the earth, where they were born. So, soon after settling in KLEN hotel, Marek and his aunt Maria did not know what to start from and what to begin with.

We have suggested our guests to wait till a market day in Mykulychyn come, when a traditional fair usually takes place. Consequently, visiting this popular event, they’ve interviewed local people for family whether someone knew a family name Howubash (family of Maria and Halyna). Without special hopes Rozkowskі went round all fair in a hope of a miracle. And it happened! There were locals that remembered history of this family and were able to show the site of Howubash family. As it was impossible to get there by ordinary car, locals who had been neighbours of Howubash family during many years have helped to reach the destination. It was an overemotional moment! Maria has collected a bit of native land in order to bring it away to Canada. Now they’ve succeeded to see the land of their forefathers by their own eyes..

As well as with many other our guests, we’re still in touch Rozkowski family. A lot of foreigners from different countries of Europe love to stay at KLEN. Somebody come to have a rest and relax, others just like travelling in dufferent place. Sometimes such sensitive stories happen. We’re welcoming everybody to KLEN, Mykulychyn, where mountain air and careful personnel will remain nice memory to every traveler!

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