Looking for a place for the training?

We will tell you why you should choose the KLEN, Mykulychyn

There are some factors contributing to better information assimilation. Let’s imagine a group event of practicing psychologists. The atmosphere during the break and after the event is very important. If the participant gets into the noise and everyday affairs after the event, the brain immediately switches to normal mode. If, after learning, a person can be alone with nature, meditate, not run or switch after the training, the brain will have time to analyze the information and take what is needed. KLEN, Mykulychyn is located on the river bank, so you can relax and reload between the training stages, listening to the sound of water and the rustle of trees.

Calm, chamber atmosphere. The staff works for the comfort of a limited number of people, because we are a small boutique hotel. Therefore, we are able to meet the needs of organizers and participants of the training in the best possible way.

KLEN, Mykulychyn provides all the conditions for small training events

We organize trainings, group events for practicing psychologists, corporate events for small groups and psychological retreats.

  • For groups from 12 to 20 people.
  • You only pay for food and accommodation.
  • We provide a free training room.
  • We install the flipchart and projector.
  • We provide a chalet hall or a place in the fresh air (and “under the roof” in case of rain) for group communication.
  • We organize meals and coffee breaks.
  • We provide comfortable rooms for the convenience of all participants.

From early childhood we remember the advice to spend more time outdoors to improve memory. Why not arrange outdoor training? We invite you to organize small training events at KLEN, Mykulychyn. Get wants and needs met!

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