The Carpathians are the huts of the Hutsuls

Carpatians are famous as a Motherland of Gutsul ethnos. These people keep their traditions and have a rich culture.

Gutsuls – is an inseparable part of the Ukrainian ethnos. The fact they are able to live and survive so high in mountains shows the strength of their spirit. For centuries they have been taking the life energy from the wonderful nature, which is able to inspire, attract and enchant. Having seen the grandeur of the white mountain caps and colorful beauty of forests at least once in a life, you are not able to forget it. Only here you can breathe freely and the air is as clean as a crystal.

Everyone knows that gutsuls are especially talented. Everything they do by hand is authentic and unusual. The painted eggs, wood and ceramics, embroidery, towels and blankets are famous as artworks.

The dishes of the mountain cuisine are famous are famous all over the world. Everything in the Carpathians is prepared from organic products according to ancient recipes.

The mountain folklore is an emerald among the gemstones of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Dances, songs, fairy-tales legends and myths are naturally embedded in the pattern of national imagery.

Any tourist guide in Carpathians will be glad to share a mysterious story with you: “Here the beautiful forest nymphs are attracting the young boys in their deathly dance…”

Carpathians is a place where you can find the way to your origin, feel your heart with incomparable feelings. Mountains teach to search for the truth of life and enjoy every moment. So, don’t waste your time and visit the picturesque place of Ukrainian mountains – the Mykulychyn village.

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