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KLEN family hotel is situated in one of the most picturesque part of Ukraine and Europe – Carpathian national park. This area has always attracted people by the beauty of its nature, authenticity, diversity of flora and fauna, ancient gutzul culture and mysticity peculiar to her.

Carpathian mountain range has a form of arc and stretch out 1500 km through the territory of Ukraine, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. Ukrainian part of Carpathian

are 250 km length from North-West to South-East. About 20% of all ukrainian forests are concentrated in Carpathian. Oaks, fir-trees, beech-trees grow mainly on the height below 1800 meters, and upper they’re changed by alpine meadows, so-called “polonynas”. Not few of rare animals inhabit this area, such as: lynx, golden eagle, brown bear and others.

Carpathian locality is rich with natural and cultural attractions. In about 10 – 60 minutes ride from KLEN hotel you may reach “Dovbush Rocks”, Manyava monastery and waterfall, “Probyi” and “Guk” waterfall, raise on Goverla, hike on “polonyna” and many others. In summer you may take a bath in Prut river, in autumn – to regale yourself with forest berries and pick up mushrooms. In winter – enjoy skiing in largest in Eastern Europe ski resort, situated 18 km from KLEN hotel.

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