The mountains call you to Mykulychyn and Bukovel

Are you looking for a place to go skiing and enjoy the views of the Carpathian Mountains? Bullseye – winter vacation in Mykulychyn. This is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders, where they can find snow-capped mountains to descend and relax!

The main advantage of winter vacation in Mykulychyn

Unlike Bukovel, prices are very affordable in Mykulychyn! Therefore, in “KLEN” you save a lot of money and have a great winter vacation.

Let’s talk more about skiing in the Carpathians at an AFFORDABLE price. What makes it possible?

  • first, the cost of staying. KLEN Hotel in Mykulychyn is a good option for staying during winter, ski vacation or just relaxing. The cost of living is from 1300 UAH per day. And this is not even for the economy room. This price is for a vintage room with a terrace, a double room with a balcony or a family room. Besides that, there is no extra cost for children.
  • second, the cost of skiing and snowboarding. You stay in Mykulychyn – you ride in Bukovel. More savings on the vacation! Moreover, instead of tourist-filled Bukovel, choose the slopes in Vorokhta. This is a great and inexpensive option for beginners. Prices for instructors in Vorokhta are much lower! 🙂

And most importantly! For maximum relaxation, we have a comfortable two-storey chalet for a large family: it accommodates 5 people, with the possibility of accommodating an extra child of up to 2 years.

Here in Mykulychyn we have not only good prices, but also excellent service. We welcome everyone who comes to visit.

Other advantages of skiing in the Carpathians – in Mykulychyn

As we said above, a winter vacation in Mykulychyn at the KLEN hotel is a luxury available to everyone. What are the other benefits of a skiing vacation?

  1. Views. Staying at the KLENhotel, you can enjoy the scenery on the way to Bukovel.
  2. No hassle. Just send your ski equipment by Nova Poshta and pick it up within a 7-minute walk from our hotel. There is also an option to rent quality equipment from a partner rental.

Full relaxation in Mykulychyn

After skiing, you want something special… For example, tasty food or a spa treatment. Don’t worry, because everything is thought out in advance:

  • if you dreamed of a hotel with a swimming pool in Mykulychyn, then welcome to KLEN. The warm winter pool in Bukovel allows you to enjoy swimming and relaxing after skiing. The water temperature is 36°C. Oh, fantastic. 🙂
  • if a warm pool isn’t enough for you, then dive into the vats in Mykulychyn and relax. The water in our vats comes from a source of mineral water, the baths are placed outdoors, and the temperature of the water is about 38-40°C.
  • there is also a Finnish sauna! This is a great way to recover after skiing. KLENSpa sauna is not just a sauna! There’s a twist 🙂 It is located in a separate house by the river. Silence, tranquility, and unforgettable landscape – what else do you need?!

Choose your comfortable package of services – vacation in the Carpathians for two people:

Minimum PackageSauna + pool for 2 hoursfrom 2000 UAH for two people 
Balance PackageVat  in Mykulychyn + pool for 2 hoursfrom 2500 UAH for two people 
Maximum packageSauna + vat + pool for 2 hoursfrom 3000 UAH for two people 

*up to 8 people can be accommodated in any of the packages. More details here.

Completely forgot about good food! After skiing you can enjoy Carpathian cuisine. What about a real Carpathian bograch? Hmmm.. delicious.

The best and affordable winter vacation in Mykulychyn is already waiting for you in KLEN!

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