Rest in the Carpathians in spring

Features and uniqueness

Spring is the time when nature wakes up from long winter sleep. If you want to get into a real fairy tale, visiting the Carpathians in the spring is the best solution.

If you were in the Carpathians only in winter, or have never been to the Carpathian Mountains, spring is the most favourable time of year for this. Fabulous landscapes and majestic mountains, evergreen spruces, and a large selection of cottages and hotels will surprise you.

Carpathians – the best place for family holidays with children at any time of the year, but spring holidays have their characteristics.

At the beginning of spring, snow still holds in the mountains, so you can go skiing and snowboarding, saving a considerable amount, because the prices for rest in the Carpathians in spring are much lower than on New Year’s Day. You should come in April-May to enjoy the spring adventures if you want to see the real spring in the Carpathians. You can choose entertainment to your liking among the following:

  • bathing in vats;
  • walks in the forest;
  • swimming pools, SPA treatments, wellness massage;
  • excursions, exhibitions, concerts;
  • horseback riding, ATVs, and bicycles;
  • festivals, mini-farms, etc.

Weather and climate in spring: what to prepare for?

The climate of the Carpathians is the most humid in Ukraine, it belongs to the temperate continental. In the spring, it rains quite often, but they quickly end. At the highest points of the Carpathians, snow remains even in summer.

In April-May, the temperature can rise to 20 degrees Celsius. In April, nature sings and flowering begins. You can see how snowdrops bloom, followed by the flowering period of tulips and daffodils in the woods. Then the fruit trees bloom and other trees begin to turn green. In April, the smallest amount of precipitation falls, so this is the best month for rest.

In May, you can already prepare for the summer. You can see the incredibly beautiful flowering of local trees and bushes; see the colourful carpets that blossomed in the meadows.

Rest in the Carpathians in spring 2023. The most interesting places

Your attention should be paid to the village of Mykulychyn. You can conquer here Yagidna Mountain, a height of 1216 meters. Climbing the mountain is not difficult; there are almost no steep climbs. You will be able to conquer the top in about 2-3 hours. Also here you will find the Holy Trinity Church, which is an architectural monument.

Be sure to visit the waterfall Zhenetsky (Huk), which does not dry out even in summer. In the spring, it is so beautiful. Another less well-known waterfall is Narinetski. It is 10 meters high.

All beer lovers should visit Mykulychyn brewery in a small wooden house. Beer has been brewed here in a natural way since 2002. You can book here for a tour and taste various types of beer.

Among the most famous places of the Carpathians, of course, is Bukovel. Skiers and snowboarders from all over Ukraine and other countries come here to conquer the slopes of Bukovel. It is also one of the most expensive places to relax, so you can settle in the village of Mykulychyn, and come here for a tour.

You can visit Mount Khomyak – this is a great place for family holidays and walks. Climbing the mountain is not difficult, so this is the best option for relaxing with children. You will see incredible landscapes you will want to take pictures of, so take phones and cameras. You can go down the mountain with horses; it will be a very interesting and unusual journey.

If you are a real fisherman, then visit Verkhovyna. This is a paradise for fishermen, for those who like to collect mushrooms and conquer the mountains. You will be able to get to the museums of Verkhovyna, which are quite a lot to get acquainted with the history and culture of Hutsulshchyna.

Be sure to visit Vorokhta. It is located near the village of Mykulychyn. It is a small village where you can see an unusual arc-curved viaduct bridge built by Austrians, and it still pleases the eye with its extraordinary appearance. In addition, in Vorokhta, you can get to the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God, which is a monument of architecture of the 17th century, walk in the forest and see a small river, horseback riding and visit the local souvenir market.

Spring rest in spring in the Carpathians is impossible without Yaremche. The city has developed infrastructure, many shops and restaurants, there is a supermarket. In Yaremche you will see a wonderful Probiy waterfall, a wild animal sanctuary, ancient churches, waterfall maiden tears, Dovbush rocks, you can relax in the sauna, bath, etc. Be sure to visit the well-known souvenir market, where everyone will find something for themselves in memory of a wonderful vacation in the Carpathians.

Another interesting thing about the Carpathians is Synevyr Lake. This is the largest lake of the Carpathians, which is about 10,000 years old. The depth of the lake is 20 meters. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island. According to legend, the lake arose as a result of tragic love. The girl shed tears because of the death of her beloved, and the whole lake appeared.

Be sure to visit the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia. This museum is a real decoration of a beautiful city. It has a very original and unusual design in the form of an Easter egg. In this museum, you will find more than ten thousand real works of art. Here you will see Easter eggs and Easter eggs from all over the world, Hutsul carpets, ceramics, and a traditional hut of Hutsulshchyna.

Spring rest in the Carpathians. Festivals and holidays

In April, you can visit the Easter Festival in Kosmach. Also in April, you can get to the Lviv BBQ Fest festival and plunge into the atmosphere of an American barbecue. Be sure to get to the festival Feast of blacksmiths, which takes place in May in Ivano-Frankivsk.

In Kolomyia in April, do not miss the festival “Pysanka 2020”. You will be able to plunge into the world of Pysanka painting and get acquainted with one of the types of folk art. This will be the 13th All-Ukrainian festival, which takes place every year. Many tourists from all over the world come to this festival.

In March, many cities will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday will be held on different streets and in many beer establishments in Ukraine. This is a real paradise for beer drinkers. Spring vacation in the Carpathians – is a truly amazing opportunity to get to know all the local traditions and culture of Western Ukraine better.

Where to stay in the Carpathians in the spring

In the Carpathians, you will find a large number of hotels, cottages, private sectors where you can stay. If you are traveling with the whole family, then the best choice would be to stay in a family hotel or boarding house. If you are heading to the Ivano-Frankivsk region, be sure to visit our family hotel Klen in Mykulychyn village.

The main reasons to visit our hotel:

  • new repairs, because all the premises were recently built. Every year we update and make cosmetic repairs in the rooms;
  • unique design of each room, many accommodation options, the use of natural wood;
  • unusual conditions, and experience. Usually, most guests stayed earlier in large hotels, and with us, they will receive a unique service;
  • happy guest – our main goal;
  • acquaintance with culture and traditions. A small hotel is the best choice for a family holiday, where you can taste local dishes, immerse yourself in the culture of the area;
  • a comfortable atmosphere, like at home. Here you will feel at home. A small number of vacationers and staff will become your relatives during the rest period;
  • individual approach to each guest. Moreover, these are not just words; we will do our best for your most comfortable stay in our hotel.

Rest in the Carpathians in the spring is a real holiday of soul and body. Here you can improve your health, have plenty of fun walking in the mountains, forests, ride bicycles and ATVs, taste the true Carpathian cuisine and feel the whole flavor of the Carpathians. Do not miss the pleasure of relaxing in Ukraine in the spring. …in the cozy family hotel Klen. We are certain – you are going to like us.

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