On vacation to the Carpathian Mountains

Where the mountain ranges are drowning in clouds, where the sun spreads by a necklace in rapid streams, and the views are breathtaking – there are the Carpathian Mountains. The most picturesque landscape in Ukraine is also, without exaggeration, the best place to recuperate physical and mental health! It is a well-known fact that mountain dwellers get sick less, recover faster and live longer. The reason for this phenomenon is the climatic features and location in a certain range of altitudes above sea level, which corresponds to the optimal level of atmospheric pressure for the human body. Moreover, a significant feature for good health is that the air in the mountains is thin and there is less oxygen than on the plains. In conditions of moderate lack of oxygen, the body begins to work harder, removing pathogenic viruses and bacteria from the body. In addition, excess oxygen contributes to acidification and premature aging of the body, which is why in the mountains increases immunity and improves well-being!

The Carpathian Mountains are a special region not only for their impact on human health, but also for weather conditions. Interestingly, the weather in the mountains can change extremely quickly. A strong wind is blowing, almost knocking you off feet. Just in a minute, the sun comes out, light loose snow is falling, which invites you to ski. In a word – you will not be bored!

So be prepared to bring an extra pair of shoes and warm clothes so you can change from wet to dry and go for a walk again.

Furthermore, there are a plenty of places to walk. You will be offered a large number of excursions. You can visit places like:

 Mykulychyn is the longest and largest village not only in the Carpathians, but also in the whole of Ukraine. In terms of area, Mykulychyn is approaching the square of the city of Odessa. It is a low-altitude climatic resort located in the Prut River valley. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Mykulychyn was the first resort in Western Ukraine to treat cardiovascular diseases due to its optimal location relative to sea level. There is also one of the first railway stations in Ukraine during the Austro-Hungarian Empire here. It is still preserved in its original form.

 Yaremche – the most popular tourist city in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Along with the full-blown waterfall called Probiy is one of the most interesting natural attractions in Yaremche. There is a souvenir market right next to the waterfall. “Carpathians in miniature”, museum of local lore, zoo, original Hutsul architecture, all these attractions are worth visiting Yaremche.

• Vorokhta – a resort where the respiratory system is traditionally treated. Ukrainian athletes specializing in biathlon, cross-country skiing and ski jumping are preparing for competitions in Vorokhta.

• Dragobrat – a ski resort in a small valley in the mountains between the towns of Rakhiv and Yasinia. It is also the highest ski resort in Ukraine.

• Slavske is located in the Lviv region between the mountains. It has all the conditions for recreation and skiing in winter.

• It will also be interesting to visit the ski resort of Bukovel, which is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Two million tourists visit Bukovel every year. A large number of trails, modern lifts, developed infrastructure – this is a modern resort of European level. This complex gave impulse to the development of housing in Bukovel.

There are many offers for accommodation in the Carpathians corresponding to any kinds of requests and budget. Accommodation can be chosen in many villages and towns nearby. The cost is from several hundred hryvnias to tens of thousands of hryvnias. It can be a bed in a guesthouse, a hotel room, or you can rent a whole cottage or a family chalet.

Nevertheless, if you are planning a vacation in the Carpathians with children – you need definitely stay in KLEN, Mykulychyn. We are a family and created this place especially for you! Our rooms are the most environmentally friendly solution, namely solid wood buildings designed by architect Sergiy Vasiljev. Rooms and individual houses can accommodate families of all sizes.

A family of two adults and one, two or three children can stay in the Family Room, which provides a bed for both babies, toddlers and beds for older children. If you plan to relax with the whole family, together with parents – Chalet is your option. It can accommodate four adults and three children. In addition, the Chalet offers spacious terraces overlooking the river, a hall with a fireplace, a kitchen, bathrooms on each floor, etc. A large family can stay in a Cottage, where there is a kitchenette and a seating area, several bedrooms where each has its own bathroom.

There is a playground for children and a children’s menu in the restaurant. The list of entertainment for children and adults is countless no matter the season. From skiing and walking, taking water treatments in the spa, swimming in the mountain river directly on the hotel area, excursions in the Carpathians, trips and hikes in the mountains, quad biking, etc. To create a cozy atmosphere in KLEN, Mykulychyn helps small family format of the institution. There are only three houses and a small house on the riverbank over a spacious area.

If you are a couple in love and are planning a romantic weekend – you will like a separate cozy house by the river. Waking up to the roar of a mountain river and going to the river Jacuzzi in the morning, enjoying the mountain scenery and the healing mountain air on your own terrace – are its advantages. A double room with a private balcony with a refurbished interior and river and mountain views is also a good choice.

Training sessions and retreats are often held at our hotel in autumn and spring. These meetings imply the absence of other guests in the hotel, and therefore the exclusive accommodation of organizers and guests during the event. The organizers offer a projector, flipchart, equipped room for groups of up to 12-14 people plus 3-4 organizers, the possibility of working sessions in the fresh air, separate rooms for small groups and of course good prices for group arrivals.

If your work is creativity, regardless of the specific direction, we cordially invite you to work in a place that is best suited for this in the quietest time – autumn and spring. Creative vacation is another opportunity we offer to our guests. The mode of maximum support of creativity on the part of the staff, silence, calm and comfort – all for the most effective work. The benefits of such a holiday have already been appreciated, many creative people, for example, the famous writer Yuri Andrukhovych is our guest of honor and frequent.

KLEN, Mykulychyn is located in the center of the ancient village of Mykulychyn and differs from other places of recreation, in particular, the location directly on the river, authentic architecture, large green area, and a restaurant serving local cuisine. The hotel covers an area of 0.5 hectares, has a flat area and is safe for children. In the SPA Complex, which opened its doors in December 2019, you can visit the sauna, bathe in the tub or get a massage. The number of services in our hotel increases every year, because we care about comfort and coziness. There is also a parking lot, a gazebo with a barbecue, and a lounge zone by the river with sun loungers and parasols.

In short, any time you have decided to spend holidays or vacations in the Carpathians, or feel the need for a few days of reloading, when the city has got, and the work routine loomed threatening inevitable burnout. If you want to just change the view in your window, your body and soul require to get relaxed – we are waiting for you in KLEN, Mykulychyn!

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