Rules of residence

  • The accomodation is accomplished after 100% payment of the entire period of stay.
  • Check in time from – 2.00 PM – 10PM, check out before -12.00 AM according to local time.
  • Reservation cost is not refundable in case of later arrival, early departure or no-show.
  • The payment for accommodation is carried out according to the actual tariffs at the time of stay in hotel, for the entire stated period.
  • One guest’s stay might be prolonged only by prior agreement in case of availability.
  • We kindly ask you to treat hotel’s property with care. In case of intentional/unintentional damage/loss – payment will be charged according to the approved price list. Please, avoid walking at living premoses in your street shoes.
  • Please, respect other guests, do not make noise in the rooms/chalet after 11:00 РМ.
  • Smoking is prohibited in rooms/chalet of hotel .
  • It is necessary to keep the fire safety rules; sanitary hygiene (don’t throw away improper subjects to WC); it is forbidden to keep flammable and explosive substances in rooms.
  • For personal safety and in order to avoid wasted expenditure of electricity and prevent the damage of property, please close the doors and windows, turn off the lights, TV in the room/chalet.
  • On the day of departure, please refer to reception half an hour before in order to finalize payments and accept the room.
  • In case you’ve lost a key, the fine of 100 UAH is charged.
  • For violation of rules of residence, a fine 1000 UAH is foreseen.


  • 1 guest
  • 2 гостя
  • 3 гостя
  • 4 гостя
  • 5 and more guests


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Ivano-Frankivsk region
Grushevskogo st., 79f