How to have fun on the May holidays in Mykulychyn with my family?

Not everyone likes the entertainment associated with risk, adrenaline, rafting on rivers, or paragliding. If you went to the Carpathians with your family to relax, sleep, get healthy and get positive, you should have days of rest:

  • Master a real mountain bike on a bike ride for professionals.
  • Rent a quad bike that can go up the mountains. However, if you are a newcomer, there is a ski trail near the hotel.
  • Go on a walking tour of any level of complexity and conquer the nature of the Carpathian region. We cooperate with guides who grew up in the Carpathians. They will tell you and show you during the author’s tours absolutely everything.
  • See with your own eyes the castle-fortress, which for centuries protected the Galician people from invaders. Olesko Castle in the Lviv region was restored in the 70s of the last century but did not lose its unique identity. It is associated with the name of Jan III Sobieskogo and contains a large exposition of sculptures made of wood.
  • Take a walk on horseback around the neighbourhood. Afraid of horses? An experienced instructor will help you find an approach to this wilful animal and feel the true freedom of movement.

Festivals for the May holidays: what do locals celebrate in late spring?

The cultural centres of Prykarpattia are the large cities of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. It is in them that cultural life rages, festivals are held aimed at dialogue between different parts of Ukraine. Do not miss the following activities:

  • Lviv Day comes this year on May 2. Any birthday is a lot of gifts, greetings, and entertainment, and if it is City Day, then unforgettable cultural events await you. Organizations, enterprises, unions and communities, state institutions will walk through the streets of their hometown in a grand procession. At master classes, the host of the city will teach you to brew coffee in Lviv and bake Galician goodies, and Lviv masters blow glass and shoot like Cossacks.
  • Batiar Day as part of the city’s birthday is a celebration of a cheerful Lviv street ghoul. Batiar battles are not only who will drink more beer. There will be shooting championships, a competition for the best dancer, song competitions, and even a master class of pickup. Any man will be satisfied.
  • Birthday of Ivano-Frankivsk May 7. Congratulate the city on your birthday, and its inhabitants with achievements. You will enjoy the festive procession, workshops, and activities for children, cultural programs of museums and libraries. The celebration is aimed at honouring traditions and family values.
  • The holidays will be filled by ethnic and jazz music as part of the Flugery Lviv Festival.

Why our hotel for the May holidays in the Carpathians?

Klen is not just a hotel on a mountainside or a riverside with a bath. It is our credo to help the resident of the metropolis to regain their vitality and inspiration, to establish relations with their family, and to meet their old friends again. We offer:

  • Wooden houses accommodation, which is made of solid wood with wireless Internet.
  • Transfer to Bukovel. A person who wants to be at a ski resort must pay 70 UAH (provided that the bus driver will dial eight people).
  • Cozy beach with places to relax on the Prut River. Only Klen guests are allowed in the coastal area. You can enjoy wine or tea tasting with local sweets ashore.
  • Territory with video monitoring. While your children will play on the playground with slides and swings, enjoy the tranquillity, air, and views from the window.
  • The service is excellent, and educated staff. Administrators know English, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Bath, sauna, bathing procedure in vat and herbs.
  • Delicious dishes of Hutsul, Ukrainian, author’s, European cuisine. Everything is very fresh because it is prepared from products available at a certain time of year.
  • Affordable prices that will not hit the wallet.

Plan a trip for the May holidays in Mykulychyn today, because tomorrow may be too late. Please note that parking spaces are limited.

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