KLEN, Mykulychyn is a pet-friendly hotel

Benefits of staying at a hotel that receives guests with dogs and cats

It is not easy to find someone who will take care of your pet while you are on a vacation. Take your pet with you. That’s why the category of pet-friendly hotels has appeared. Our philosophy is as follows: an animal is a family member and we are a family hotel. The owners feel calm because the pet is nearby. Children busy with the animal on vacation are easier to adapt. The maid cleans the room daily. The animals living in our hotel do not cause discomfort to vacationers. Why? There is a walking area and rules for staying at a hotel with a pet.

Accommodation rules in a pet-friendly hotel

List of requirements for acquaintance:

The animal must be adapted to living not only at home.
If your pet damages any property, you will have to reimburse the cost of the item, dry cleaning or repair.
As a hotel receiving guests with dogs, we have a separate area for walking.
Walking dogs is allowed only on a leash.
Cleaning up after the pet is the responsibility of owners.
The guests must provide an access to their rooms for the maid to clean them.
Accessories for the rest with a pet such as a dog collar, a tray, utensils, and a cage should be brought by the guests.

The cost of a holiday with pets in a pet-friendly hotel

You can stay with an animal in a cottage, in a two-room suite and in the house on the river bank. Surcharge for a pet is 200 hryvnia per day. When checking into our pet-friendly hotel you need to leave a deposit equivalent to 2000 hryvnias. The deposit is returned upon check out.

We are a responsible hotel that accepts dogs and cats. Therefore, we are sure that a holiday with a pet will be comfortable at the KLEN, Mykulychyn.

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